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They need our help and there are many ways we can!

Bonneted bats are the biggest bat in all of the united states yet can only be found in only several cities in southern Florida. With small population size, habitat loss, and limited geographic range they are extremely vulnerable and have been declining for decades. The INCU has them listed as a vulnerable species stating that their population size is way fewer than 10,000 in the wild and is estimated to be less than 2,500 mature individuals. 


Below are different ways you can help conserve this endangered species that can directly impact their survival.


Bat Houses 

Placing bat houses on private property can ensure a safe area for bats to roost. Bats can eat up to 3,000 insects per night and keep insect populations at bay. Here in Florida, you can purchase bat house and can help bats from being displaced by storm or human encrochment. 


Pesticides & Plants

Since Florida Bonneted bats are insectivores they need a constant supply of food. Various counties in Florida spray pesticides which has effect bat populations by reducing their food source. One way to get involved in conservation it by reducing the use of pesticides on private properties. Another way is to plant native plants that attract the insects that bats like to eat. Through the partnership of Zoo Miami they have great guide of what are the best plants to plant .

bonneted bat donate .jpeg

Donate or Get Involved

If you want to make an impact another way, you can donate to several organizations that aim to conserve and learn more about the Bonneted Bat.


Or get involved with citizen Science and report findings if you think you spotted a bat and help researchers gather more information

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